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Our Why

Many moons ago, haven worked for the best in the country and opened up to diverse experiences, we (Edith and Steffany) decided to team up and build(Literally) a brand that encompasses all. Design, finishing , build.

Our why has kept us going through the tough lows and overwhelming highs.

CRE is a one of kind master builder and we love all things building.

Edith is the technical one, extremely detailed and quality oriented. Steffany is the creative and nauseating dreamer, cooking up ideas and more boundaries to push.

Together CRE has become a magnet for creatives, developers and technicians.

We say, as humbly as possible, we have a way with design.

Our team is young, gifted and black (well, mostly). And we are changing our “Native” home one building at a time.

Our why is “ why not”

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